Ordering Information

  1. 48 hour delivery island-wide
  2. 7 day ordering-daily 3 pm ordering deadline
  3. Order confirmation by return e-mail
  4. Free delivery for orders over $2000nt
  5. Approx delivery prices: Normal: $160, Refrigerated: $240
  6. Refund policy

    a) I Dereke Bruce and Finga's personally guarantees their products as fresh and hand made,

        with utmost care and attention given to the highest standards of  food safety and sanitation.

    b) Finga's agrees to pay for and re-imburse the cost of product and shipping chargers for any

        all products that you the customer is not satisfied with, with out question, and will send a

        replacement product within the 48 hour deadline as per the shopping purchase delivery system. 


No

Fingas's Bakery